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    Dear Second Grade Families,

    I am really excited that you will be in my class this year!  We will share many new and exciting experiences. I am so excited to share the many new books we have in our classroom!
    Supply boxes that were ordered online have been delivered, unpacked, labeled and sorted. I will be sending the supplies that are not needed home. For those families who are bringing supplies I am asking that you unwrap and label them and sort them as follows:
    • Headphones/earbuds- take out of packageing, label, if possible and place in a plastic siplick bag with your child's name on it.
    • Pencil box - label and fill with one box of crayons, two sharpened pencils, 1 bold and 1 fine point dry erase marker, 1 highlighter, 1 red pen, one glue stick and 1 pair of scissors.
    • Put extra supplies in another large ziplock bag labeled with your child's name.
    • Wipes, hand sanitizer, and tissues will be collected and kept in my cabinet for when needed.
    • Colored folders and compositon books should also be labeled with your child's name.

    I will not be using the binders, notebook paper, dividers , and the paper folders. Please do not send them.

    I appreciate your help with this!

    You are welcome to bring supplies when you visit for the open house.


    I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!

                                                         Your Teacher,
                                                         Mrs. Steinman
Last Modified on August 31, 2021