1st Grade Homework Philosophy

    We believe the purpose of homework is:

    ·         To establish a home-school connection

    ·         To encourage time management

    ·         To foster a love of reading, writing, and math

    Homework is not:

    ·         To teach your child

          ·         Busy work

    ·         To show the teacher what your child is capable of

    With these ideas in mind we established the first grade homework assignments. 

    Children are expected to read for 10=20 minutes every night.

    ·         Did you know that a child, who reads 10-20 min per day, has 60 more days of reading practice than a child who does not read at home?

    ·         Reading daily develops good habits for the future.

    ·         Reading daily improves reading ability, memory, concentration, spelling, writing, math, analytic ability, verbal communication, and comprehension.

    ·         Children that read at home are more likely to be life long readers.

    In addition to the daily reading, your child will have a math worksheet to complete and sight words to practice on a daily basis. There are also links provided on this webpage that give you additional activities and ideas for each content area.  We encourage you to be green at home by using dry erase-boards, chalkboards, magnetic letters, bathtub crayons, or computers for typing words or stories. Homework allows you a glimpse of what we see daily in class.


    Thank you for your continued support in your child’s educational journey.




Last Modified on August 26, 2019