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    I am so excited about the school year beginning!

    I know supplies are one of the first things we need, so I have included the 2nd grade list below.

    A couple of notes about supplies:

    ** Some students have a hard time with earbuds and are better at using headphones. We use them in class and in the computer lab.

    ** Please note: I do not use binders, notebook paper, or dividers in my classroom, so please do not buy them or bring them to school. For those who ordered supply kits, I will send home the binders,notebook paper and dividers. Hopefully, someone else at your house can use them or you can save them for next year or use them to keep your work at home.

    ** The folders do not need to have prongs for holding papers. Any two pocket folders will work- the solid colors are helpful- red, blue, green, and yellow. Sturdy folders are also helpful.

    ** We have plenty of tissues, hand sanitizer, wipes , and Ziplock bags. You do not need to send these in at this time.

    Thank you for providing supplies!

    Mrs. Steinman











Last Modified on August 26, 2022