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    I am excited to be able to share in the celebration of your child’s birthday in school.  Please take the time to review our class birthday policies below.

    Invitations:  In order to avoid any hurt feelings, we keep birthday invitations out of the classroom.  There will be an opportunity to participate in a class directory, which you may use to send invitations privately.  I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.  

    Celebrating in class:  Every student in our class will have their birthday celebrated during the school year.  *Summer birthdays will be given an “unbirthday” date to celebrate in Spring.*  On your child’s birthday the class will sing and the birthday boy or girl will receive a birthday sticker & pencil.

    In our class we will be celebrating with a Birthday Book!  
    If you would like to participate, please send in a book with your child on his/her birthday.  You may purchase a new book, or send in a favorite from home.  Some parents wrap it up to make it more exciting, some don't - it's completely up to you!

    The birthday student will present the book in front of the class and we will read it together.  This is a wonderful way to promote reading as we celebrate our birthdays!  If a child doesn't bring a birthday book from home, they are welcome to pick a favorite from our bookshelf.  Your child will bring their birthday book back home.

    Birthdays are a very exciting part of your child’s life and so is the gift of reading.  

    P.S.  School book orders are a great place to get wonderful books for just a few dollars! 

Last Modified on August 28, 2020