• Developing Motor Skills
    Parent-Child Activities
    Developing Motor Skills-Activities:
    Promoting large muscle skills, small muscle skills, and skills that depend on the eyes and hands working together will give your child confidence and help him or her develop independence.

    Large-Muscle Activities: Building large-muscle is important for children's balance, coordination, and posture, and it helps them to develop other skills such as writing. Some activities to build large muscle are:

    • Walking forward, sideways, backward, and marching.
    • Balancing games, such as walking on a piece of string or tape on the floor, or along a sidewalk crack or low curb outside. Also practice walking on uneven surfaces (e.g., sand, rocks, pillows/cushions on the floor).
    • Kicking, bouncing, throwing, and catching games with objects of different sizes and weights (e.g., beanbags, beach balls, soccer balls). make up games of throwing balls or beanbags into an empty container, or play a game of soccer or basketball without keeping score.
    • Jumping games, such as hopscotch or jumping rope. Play "Follow the leader" with hopping or skipping.
    • Swinging, sliding, and climbing at a park or indoor playground.
    • Pulling or pushing wagons or carts.
    • Building and going on a race using common objects (e.g., crawling under chairs and tables, jumping over a stack of books, walking on crooked lines, weaving between toys on the floor).
    • Dancing or other free movement to music/songs (e.g., "Ring Around the Rosie").
    Small-Muscle Activities