• Birthdays




    Due to allergy and dietary concerns, we will celerate birthdays by:

    1. The class will make the birthday child a "Happy Birthday Book" to keep forever.
    2. A few days before the birthday, I will send home a birthday poem with instructions about a special activity!
    Birthday Invitations
    I would be glad to distribute birthday party invitations as long as the entire class is invited OR all of the boys OR all of the girls. Feelings can be so easily hurt at this age and I would like to avoid that. The excitement of a birthday party is hard to keep quiet and children often talk about this kind of thing at school.
    However, I realize that inviting that many children is not always feasible. In the case of only inviting a few children in class, please be advised that once the room parents are appointed by the PTO, the room parents will be compiling a class directory that can be used to mail a select few invitations to classmates. Thanks for you understanding in this matter. 



Last Modified on August 29, 2020