• Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Agostini's Classroom Supply List
    This year, it is important for us to limit the sharing of items within the classroom as much as possible.  To help with these efforts, in addition to the items listed on the Kindergarten Supply List found on the main Kindergarten Homepage, please be sure your student brings: 

    - Backpack(without wheels) that will accommodate a 9x12 folder.

    - A mask to wear during school and 1-2 spare masks in their backpack.  Please label these with your child's name.

    - A nut-free snack for snack time each day (food cannot be provided by the teachers or shared within the classroom).

    - Spill-proof, refillable water bottle labeled with your child's name (no water fountain access).

    - 1 pair of headphones labeled with your child's name (students cannot share headphones).

    - 1 pencil box to store your child's individual supplies (i.e. pencils, scissors, gluesticks, markers, etc.).

    - 1 spare change of clothes (shirt, pants, socks, underwear) in a bag labeled with your child's name (gallon ziplock bags work great!)

    - An old t-shirt or paint smock (labeled with your child's name).

    - 1 beach towel, labeled with your child's name to be kept in the classroom.  (Bonus if you can send in a plastic shopping bag to store it in!)

    - Hand santizer and Clorox wipes will be welcomed throughout the year if you are able to find any!

Last Modified on August 28, 2020