Bitmoji ImageOur Philosophy of Teaching  


    ·        We believe children deserve respect.

    ·        We believe children should not be humiliated, hurt, or embarrassed.

    ·        We believe a child’s self-esteem should be nurtured tenderly.

    ·        We believe our job is to teach until a child learns, rather than punish until he/she learns.

    ·        We believe that if we are willing to say “I am sorry”, when we make a mistake, we do not have to be afraid of making mistakes.

    ·        We want your child to enjoy the learning process, and we want to help him/her develop their own motivation for learning.  We will do or best to encourage your child to succeed in his/her attempts to learn.

    ·        We believe parents, students and teachers must work together.


    ExpectationsI believe in you


    All students are expected to:

    ·        Follow our rules and procedures

    ·        Be responsible

    ·        Be trustworthy

    ·        Be honest

    ·        Be respectful to others and their property

    ·        Do their personal best on all of their work

    ·        Not use “Put Downs” to classmates or other students



Last Modified on September 3, 2020