• Left Handed Strategies for Students

    Paper Placement:

    1.      Position the paper on the desk so it is completely left of the middle of your body.  Never should a left handed person cross over mid-line.

    2.     Angle the paper so that it lies in the same direction (parallel) to your forearm. 

    3.     The paper should be high enough (away from the table edge) to keep the writing hand below the line of writing to prevent a bent wrist position.

    Copying from Close Distance:

    1.      When copying or doing spelling lists, be sure to place the writing to be copied on your right side so that you can see what you are copying.

    General Tips for Left Handed Students:

    1.      Make sure you allow your left arm to freely move.  If you are sitting on the right side of a right handed person, you may feel uncomfortable and squished. 

    2.      Pencil positions are the same for lefties, however, it may be helpful to hold the pencil a little higher on the shaft.  The pencil should point toward the left elbow, not toward the shoulder.  Your wrist should be in neutral and resting on the table to provide stability for your hand!

    3.     Many lefties use their right hand for other 2 handed activities, especially cutting and this is OK.

    4.     It’s common for lefties to make the across stroke in the H,T, J, G, I from right to left, this is OK.  In the letters E, F and L, it is probably better to learn to go left to right to make sure your letters are closed. 
    Suggestions taken from staff therapists and compiled from various websites.
Last Modified on January 4, 2010