Letter Awareness Suggestions


    Goal: To increase awareness of letter shapes.


    ·         Make letter shapes using play dough/ have child copy your model.

    ·         Have student put pennies, pegs, blocks in play dough letter to reinforce the shape of the letter.

    ·         Trace letter with finger.

    ·         Encourage tracing letter with crayon.

    ·         Draw letter on chalk board, have student use wet paint brush to trace letter and make it disappear.

    ·         Place shaving cream on surface, have student use finger or paint brush to write letters in shaving cream.

    ·         Have student “drive” a car around the letter or shape.

    ·         Place dry Jell-O on surface, have student draw letter or shape in the Jell-O.

    ·         Provide student with letter of the day, have him glue pieces of tissue paper, cotton balls, stones, popcorn to the letter.

    ·         Make letter cards with puffy paint or Elmer’s glue, hide letter from child’s vision, have them guess letter by tracing it only.

    ·         Draw letters with your finger on child’s hand; try to have them guess what it is.

    ·          Make letters in the air with your hand, have child identify the letter.

    ·         Provide verbal cues as student moves hand along letter (i.e. tall line down, jump up)


    Make learning the letters fun! Providing as much sensory input as possible is great. These suggestions provide tactile awareness, visual awareness, and auditory awareness of the size and shape of the letters. 


    If you have any questions please ask!



    Stephanie Sparks, OT


Last Modified on September 1, 2020