• Cutting Skills

    Cutting skills require bilateral coordination, body and shoulder stability, eye hand coordination, sensation and dexterity.

    To help your child develop these skills consider these activities at home while playing.

    • Squeeze a squirt bottle to clean plants, clean chalk board
    • Allow your child to rip pieces of paper
    • Play with hand puppets
    • Practice sign language
    • Use salad tongs, tweezers, or Bubble scissors (Available through Integrations) to pick up cotton balls, blocks, beans or other small objects.
    • Use paper punches to make designs on paper.

    Remember that before a child can cut out a design they first need to be able to:

    • Open and close scissors
    • “Snip” paper
    •  Cut a piece of paper in half
    • Cut on a straight line
    • Change directions while cutting
    • Cut on a curved line
    • Cut out a circle
    • Cut a combination of curves and straight lines

    Remember to keep scissors out of reach of children unless supervised.  If you have any questions please contact me at ssparks@swedesboro-woolwich.com.



Last Modified on September 1, 2020