• Sleep Suggestions

    Everyone needs a good night’s sleep.Some children may have difficulty getting to sleep, may not get enough sleep,or may have difficulty waking up in the morning. Below are some suggestions forpromoting good sleep patterns.

    ·        Massage or joint compressions on armsand legs (consider using calming smelling lotion).

    ·        Weighted blankets (neutral warmth anddeep pressure are calming to nervous system).

    ·        Body pillows or sleeping bags.

    ·        Consider different types of pajamas;try tight or loose, silky or fleece to see which your child prefers.

    ·        For children with tactiledefensiveness, avoid lace, tags or built in feet pajamas.

    ·        Consider a bed tent to block outlight or noises.

    ·        Neutral colors on walls.

    ·        Dark blinds to cut down on light.

    ·        Back rubs or bear hugs with apredictable routine.

    ·        Keep bedtime routine predictable(bath, teeth, story, bed).

    ·        Eliminate rough play before bed whichcould be over stimulating.


Last Modified on September 1, 2020