• Mrs. Stranahan


    What college did you attend?

    I attended Rowan University for my Bachelors in Liberal Arts/Writing, with a major in Elementary Education. I also received my Teachers of Students with Disabilities certification at Rowan.


    Who was your favorite teacher and why?

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton was my third grade teacher at Loring Fleming. I always remember him being so patient and kind. Every Friday, he would give us Jolly Ranchers! He taught me so many skills I took with me, and use in my teaching career. He even taught me a song about continents which I taught my own third grade students. I will always remember Mr. Hamilton for his kindness and his creativity as a teacher.


    What's a hobby you have that we don't know about?

    I love to play soccer. I have played since I was a little girl. I started when I was five, and played up until I was twenty-five. After high school, I joined a women’s league called the “Ladybugs.”