Mrs. Meghan Gentleman
     Where were you born?

     Philadelphia, PA on February 27th.


    What was the name of your Elementary School?

    James Stoy Elementary in Haddon Township. 
    It was a Pre-k through 6th grade school.


    Who was your favorite teacher and why?
    Mr. Lang, he was my 10th grade history teacher and
    he actually made learning about history fun!


    What activities were you involved in growing up?

    I played the clarinet and took tap, jazz, and
    ballet classes.


    Where do you like to go on vacation? 
    Newport, RI.  I have family there and it’s a beautiful town.  
    The ocean is right there and it’s a very relaxing place to visit.


    An interesting fact about you...

    I LOVE jigsaw puzzles!  I’m working on a 2000 piece puzzle right now.  I also tap danced in the first grade talent show.