Feature Teachers
    Mr. Lockman
    Mrs. Mission
    m gym  
    When and where were you born?

    Mr. Lockman: August 21; Woodbury, NJ

    Mrs. Mission: March; Vorhees, NJ

    Who was your favorite teacher and why?
    Mr. Lockman: Mr. Campbell, he was my physical education teacher. 
    He was a lot of fun and a great role model. 
    He is the reason I chose to be a physical education teacher.

    Mrs. Mission: Ms. Vernon, my physical education teacher. 
    She was a great person to talk to and had advice for everything. 


    What activities where you involved in growing up?
    Mr. Lockman: I was involved with Boy Scouts as a kid
    and played soccer and

    Mrs. Mission: Soccer, softball, and track.


     Where did you go to elementary school?

    Mr. Lockman: Harrison Township Elementary which was K-6.

    Mrs. Mission: Chews Elementary, K-5 in Gloucester Twp.


    Where do you like to vacation?
    Mr. Lockman: The beach, any beach!!

    Mrs. Mission: The beach with my family and friends.


    An interesting fact about you:
    Mr. Lockman:I n High School I won the award for “Prettiest Eyes”. 
    I also have two brothers and two sisters!
    Mrs. Mission: I was voted All South Jersey for Soccer in High School. 
    I also have three little boys of my own.