• supplies

    Back to school shopping can be very exciting! Below you will be able to find our classroom supply list. 

    Large Zippered Pencil Case 

    24 Glue Sticks (12 glue sticks; 1 bottle of Elmer's white glue)

    8 Colored marking pens 

    5 Marble Copybooks (100 pages)

    6 Different Color Pocket Folders 

    1 additional folder for World Language


    2-white two inch binder 

    2 boxes of Crayola 24 pack crayons

    8 (EXPO) Dry Erase markers  

    2 boxes Pencils (NO mechanical pencils)

    4 Erasers

    1 package Post- it notes 

    1 pack of wide-ruled loose leaf paper

    2 Boxes of tissues 

    1 pack of multiplication flash cards 1-12

    2 Containers of Cleaning Wipes 

    2 yellow highlighters

    Insertable tab dividers( set of 5)

    1 box Crayola Markers (8 Count)

    2 Black Sharpies

    Hand sanitizer (Gel hand sanitizer only)

     Quart sized Ziploc bags