•                                                Margaret Clifford School
                                    Positive Behavior System

            Throughout the MCS, we are working to promote positive behaviors in our school. We are striving to reward positive behaviors when they happen.  Each teacher will be using the same behavior management plan to help keep behavioral expectations uniform for all Kindergarten students.


            Each classroom has a clip chart hanging in the room.  There are four colors on the chart (purple, blue, green, and yellow).  Every day your child will start his or her clip on green, which means he/she is “ready to learn”. He or she can move up or down the chart fluidly throughout the day based on behaviors shown.  .  As the day progresses, if your   child demonstrates positive behaviors, is helpful, has a great attitude, is a good listener, and most importantly our core values of respect, responsibility, caring, and peacemaking, he/she will have the chance to move up the chart first to blue, which means “great job”, then possibly to purple, which means “outstanding”, based on behaviors shown.  However, if behaviors are not meeting expectations within the classroom or school your child may be asked to move down the chart to yellow, which means "stop and think" and "orange" which stands for "Teacher's Choice". Remaining on orange may result in a note home or perhaps a few minutes of time out at recess.  Better choices can always result in moving back up to another color.


            In an effort to move from focusing on negative behaviors to focusing on positive behaviors, later in the year positive behaviors will be rewarded with not only moving up the chart, but with our “Comet Cash”system.  Any time a child moves his or her clip to blue on the behavior chart, he or she will earn “Comet Cash”.  His/her name will go on the “Comet Cash”ticket and he/she will place it in the bin in our classroom.   Any time a child moves to purple on the chart, he or she will receive two “Comet Cash” tickets to go in the bin.  By Friday each week, we should have plenty of tickets in the bin based on positive behaviors and a ticket will be picked from the bin.  The child picked will get to pick something fun to do the following week…to be determined.


            On our behavior chart, green is still considered positive but does not receive a ticket. Yellow is a negative color.  It means “stop and think”.  Depending on the reason a child moves to yellow, certain actions may be taken including a 5 minute time out in the classroom, sitting out from recess for 3-5 minutes, or a note home. 


            You will always be aware of your child’s behavior on a daily basis by a monthly behavior chart that remains in your child’s folder and travels back and forth daily from classroom to home and vice versa.  At the end of each day in school, your child will color the corresponding box on his or her behavior chart the color that he/she ended the day on on the behavior chart.  If your child colors his/her box purple, blue or green, he/she had a great day.  If your child colors yellow, he/she did not work his/her best that day and a short note will explain what happened. 

            Please always reinforce behaviors at home and work with your child on understanding the behavior system in our school.  If you should have any questions regarding our behavior management system, please do not hesitate to ask.  J