•  Feature Teacher
    Mrs. Stephanie Shainline
    When and where were you born?
     June 5th, Camden, NJ at Cooper Hospital

    Who was your favorite teacher and why?


    Mrs. Simpkins. School was easy for me in most classes and I was often bored.
    She always challenged me and set expectations high.
    I actually was able to work with Mrs. Simpkins when I first became a teacher.

    What activities where you involved in growing up?
     Dance-tap, Jazz, hip-hop, gymnastics, softball, Girl Scouts.

    Where did you go to elementary school?
    J. Mason Tomlin in Mantua, NJ

    Where do you like to vacation?
    Anywhere with a beach and Disney World!

    An interesting fact about you:

    I’m a middle child. I wanted to be president of the United States when I was a kid or a Rockette.