Feature Teacher
    paw Ms. Casellacat





    When and where were you born?
     Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; March 31.
    Who was your favorite teacher and why?


     Angela Falciani, she was my 8th grade teacher. 
    She had so much love and care for the students. 
    Each one was treated equally and never made to feel
    different in any way. 

    What activities where you involved in growing up?
     Cheerleading, 4H, School Plays, Yearbook, Vice President of my class.

    Where did you go to elementary school?
    St. Joseph's Regional School then Kingsway High.paw

    Where do you like to vacation?

     ANYWHERE that has a beach. I would go to the beach with Frankenstein if he asked me.

    An interesting fact about you:

    I was elected Homecoming Queen, and am a huge Yankees and Notre Dame fan.paw
    I love the Rolling Stones and Bob Seger. I like to cook, garden, and read.
    Some people know me as my alias…Mrs. Sutherland.