• Our ClipChart System

    In class, we have a clip chart on which each child has a clip with their name on it. Each day, they begin the day on "green" which is "ready to learn". As the children go through the day, they are encouraged that staying on green is GREAT because it shows they are "ready to learn". If children are showing behaviors that are beyond being "ready to learn" such as helping others, doing an exceptional job following directions, etc., they may be asked to move their name up the clip chart to "blue" which states "great job". They are encouraged to continue making those good choices to either stay on blue or possibly move to "purple" which states"outstanding". The chart is fluid and children can move up and down according to the choices they make in class. There is, of course,"yellow" which stands for "stop and think" and "orange" which stands for "Teacher's choice". Remaining on orange may result in a note home or perhaps a few minutes of time out at recess. Better choices can always result in moving back up to another color. This program is utilized in every classroom. 

    At the end of each day, students color in their behavior chart according to what color they are on when it is time to leave. There is room on the back of the chart for parent and teacher comments. This program, that the entire school uses, is called "PBSIS"(Positive Behavior Support in Schools). It is a research based program that teachers in kindergarten have received training to implement. As the year progresses, tickets are earned by the children at the end of each class for those who end their day on blue or purple. Tickets are collected and a drawing is held at the end of the week. The "Winner of theWeek" gets to choose a classroom specific reward. This part of the program usually begins in January. Overall, this program has been a fantastic support for the children and really focuses on the positive!

Last Modified on September 7, 2015