Feature Teacher
    Mrs. Amelia Steinmetz

    Where were you born?
    May 2, Evangelical Hospital in Lewisburg, PA.



    What was the name of your Elementary School?

    K-2, Southward Elementary, 3-4 Kelly School, Lewisburg PA.



    Who was your favorite teacher and why

    Mrs. Mike, she was my Spanish teacher throughout High School. She made learning Spanish fun and did cartwheels when someone got a difficult question correct. I was able to go to Spain with her and my classmates to learn the culture and language.


    What activities were you involved in growing up?

    Soccer, Field Hockey, Track, Basketball, Cheerleading, Spanish and Key Club.


    Where do you like to vacation?

    I would like to return to Sweden. I spent four months there with my college
    abroad program.  I lived with a host family, took a class to learn Swedish, and traveled to the nearby countries. 


    An interesting fact about you:

    My husband teaches 4thgrade and we met during our Student Teaching in college in Danville, PA.

    In 6 years I have had four different license plates. I still play on two different field hockey teams, one on Sundays and one on Tuesdays.