• Longwood Gardens

    Posted by Laura Hubbard on 11/26/2018

    Students in Mrs. Moore's class created ornaments to decorate a tree in Longwood Gardens!  The theme of the tree was "Sweet Treats'.  W used model magic, puffy paint, glitter and other materials to make ornaments that looked good enought to eat!

    Longwood Tree

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  • Mrs. Hubbard attends the AENJ Conference

    Posted by Laura Hubbard on 10/8/2018

    Mrs Hubbard


    At the beginning of October, I attended the AENJ (Art Educators of NJ) Conference in Long Branch, NJ.  There were many great ideas presented at this conference to make our art classroom even more exciting. Also, while at the conference I presented "Weaving us all together! Changing approaches to make fiber more acceisble to students with special needs". 

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  • 1st Grade Line Sculptures

    Posted by Laura Hubbard on 9/24/2018

    1st Grade students began learning about the elements of art!  To focus on line, students used strips of paper to create different types of lines (straight, curved zig zag etc)





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    Posted by Laura Hubbard on 11/30/2017




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  • STEAM Day

    Posted by Laura Hubbard on 11/18/2017

    Steam Day Tower

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  • 6th Grade Dragon Eyes

    Posted by Laura Hubbard on 10/17/2017

    6th grade students are currently studying the elements of art and are working towards creating an effective composition that uses at least 5 elements of art.  We are focusing on COLOR, SHAPE, LINE, PATTERN, and TEXTURE.  We began by using our chromebooks to research dragon eyes.  Students conducted a google image search and saved images for inspiration.  Working from our saved images as well as our imaginations, we drew a macro view of a dragon eye.  This week will will begin experimenting with color to bring the dragon eyes to life!



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  • Spooky Houses

    Posted by Laura Hubbard on 10/12/2017

    Mrs. Manning's class recently created "spooky houses".  Students enjoyed listening to the story "Inside a House that is Haunted" and were inspired to create some creepy houses!  After listening to the story, students were given a variety of supplies and began the creative process.  We first explored LINES which is the basis of the first unit of study in the art curriculum.  Students used a white oil pastel to draw as many curvy, loops and crazy lines possible.  Liquid colors were painted over the lines to make them "appear".  Students practiced fine motor skills and made choices when selecting stickers to add to their creations.  Check out our hard work!


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  • 1st Grade: Unit One-- Artists Use Lines

    Posted by Laura Hubbard on 10/9/2017

    First Grade students are working hard as they continue to learn about how artists use LINES in their artwork. We read the story "Straight Line Wonder" by Mem Fox and spent time exploring how to paint  a variety of lines.  Students were also introduced to proper care and handling or art materials while they painted.  On the second day of this project, students used crayons to add more lines to their artwork, and also added color to their creations!

    lines1 lines2

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  • Mrs. Manning's Big Green Monsters

    Posted by Laura Hubbard on 10/5/2017

    Mrs. Manning's class had a great time exploring a diverse array of art supplies while creating "Big Green Monsters".  First, we read Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberly.  We practiced mixing colors, cutting, gluing and safe handling of art supplies.


    monster1 monster2

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  • 2nd Grade Turtles

    Posted by Laura Hubbard on 9/25/2017

    2nd Grade students are reviewing the elements of art that we learned about last year while making some funky artistic turtles! Students worked hard to remember the three main elements of art that were studied last year-- line, shape, and color.  These elements were used to create an interesting turtle with a variety of lines, shapes and patterns on it shell.  To finish off their projects, students will use liquid watercolors to add COLOR to their turtles shell!


    2nd Grade



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