•   Feature Teacher

    Mr. Buffington

    Where were you born?

    Canton, Georgia inthe month of November.


    What was the name of your ElementarySchool?

    Main Street School in Gainesville, Georgia.

    It was grades 1-6.


    Who was your favorite teacher and why?

    Mr. Gnanan was my Government/Economics/Civicsteacher.  He was very approachable andthose subjects were very interesting to me. Also, Mr. Rick my band/chorus teacher. He was a tough teacher but I learned a lot from him. 


    What activities were you involved ingrowing up?

    Band, Chorus, and Student Government.


    Where do you like to vacation?

    New England


     Aninteresting fact about you:

    I worked for 30 years in the Theatre, Society Hill Playhouse. I was involved in all aspects from acting to directing, programmingto lighting and tech.