Feature Teachers

    Mrs. Healey


    Mrs. Forur

    Where were you born?

    Forur: Denville, NJ

    Healey: Camden, NJ

    What was the name of your Elementary School?

    Forur: Stony Brook Elementary in Rockaway, NJ

    Healey: Bells School, Washington Twp., NJ

    Who was your favorite teacher and why?

    Forur: Mrs. Wood,2ndgrade. She was an all around awesome teacher.

    Mrs. Healey: Sister Dorothy- 7th/8thgrade. She was a great math teacher and taught me how to double dutch.

    What activities were you involved in growing up?

    Forur: Gymnastics, Indian Princesses

    Healey: Basketball, Track, Girl Scouts

    Where do you like to vacation?

    Forur: Anywhere and Everywhere

    Healey: Anywhere someone would want to take me.

    An interesting fact about you:

    Forur: Going to Italy this summer for my honeymoon.

    Healey: Oldest of 5 children and addicted to chocolate!