•  pencil Kindergarten Supply List 2020-2021 (as seen on the Clifford homepage)

    *Please label all supplies with your child's name*

    *Supplies can be sent in through your child's backpack, a little each day.*  


    1 pair blunt tip scissors (Fiskar)

    20 glue sticks-Elmers Washable

    2 box markers, Crayola Washable, 8 count, classic colors, fine tip

    2 box markers, Crayola Washabe, 8 count, classic colors, wide tip

    4 box crayons, Crayola, 24 count

    4 Expo Dry Erase, chisel tip, low odor black

    24 Expo Dry Erase, fine tip, low odor black

    1 pack of Playdoh (4 Pack), assorted colors

    2 boxes baby wipes, any brand

    2 boxes of tissues

    2 bottles of hand sanitizer


    In addition to the items listed on the Kindergarten Supply List above, please be sure your child brings:


    1 pair of over the ear headphones

    1 durable two pocket folder 

    1 pencil box (hard plastic) to store your child's supplies (ex: pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, etc.)

    1-2 extra masks (will be kept in backpack)

    A set of spare clothes in a Ziploc bag (will be kept in backpack)


    Thank you very much for sending in these supplies. I will let you know when our supplies are running low.

     For school, your child will need a book bag that will hold a 9x12 folder. Please, do not use a book bag with rollers as these book bags do not fit in the cubbies that are in the classroom. Also, as you are shopping for “Back to School”, please keep in mind your child’s ability to tie their shoes. If possible, please use shoes that are self-fastening (i.e. Velcro, zippers). 

    Ms. Stewart's Wish List:
    Gallon, quart, or sandwich sized ZIP-LOCK BAGS
    Lysol Wipes