• 2019-2020 First Grade Supply List


    I'm sure the students are excited to go shopping for new supplies. Below is a supply list to help you shop.  Please refrain from labeling every single item with your child’s name, as many supplies will be shared by the entire class Please label the items highlighted in blue. The items highlighted in red will be shared and do not need to be labeled. All of these items were included on the PTO order. Thank you for your cooperation.


      • 1  1 inch binder (hard back view binder)
      • 5 durable two-pocket folders in different colors
      • 1 marble composition notebook
      • 1 pair of student scissors with a rounded tip
      • 2 boxes of 24 crayons
      • 1 pencil box
      • 1 pair of over the head headphones
      • 1 box of Crayloa washable markers
      • 2 boxes of pencils, sharpened
      • 10 large sized glue sticks (Elmers works best)
      • 1 box of 4 THICK low odor EXPO dry erase markers  (black, blue, red, and green are best)
      • 2 boxes of THIN black low odor EXPO dry erase markers
      • 5 binder dividers
      • 1 large pink erasers
      • 1 yellow highlighter
      • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer 
      • 1 container of Clorox wipes
      • 2 boxes of tissues




    Thank you!


                                           Wish list
    As the year goes on, some supplies run low. I may send home a wish list later in the year asking for these supplies. If you would like to contribute any of these supplies, I will greatly appreciate it!