• First Day of School 
    Wear your apple!  You should have received a colored apple in the mail with your child's name and teacher assignment.
     Please have the children wear it the first two days of school!  
    Return your forms!  I know you're excited about clothes, backpacks, and supplies, but the most important thing to send your child to school with is COMPLETED FORMS. The most important form to fill out and return on that first day is the TRANSPORTATION FORM. Please CAREFULLY fill this out based on how your child will be transported to school throughout the yearOn the first day or two of school many parents make special arrangements for arrival and dismissal. You must fill out a communication form or send in a note that details alternate dismissal plans for your student IN ADDITION to the Transportation Form for their regular dismissal. Throughout the year any changes made to dismissal MUST be communicated in writing to the teacher and/or office staff.  
    Don't Forget Lunch and Snack!  The first day of school is a FULL DAY. You must pack a lunch or send in lunch money for your child, and please pack a snack for our snack time. Each month lunch menus can be found on the district website Parents tab. *If your child qualifies for Free/Reduced Lunch please contact the School Office ASAP. Those forms must be renewed EACH year*  
    So Many Supplies!  Don't worry about loading your child's backpack with ALL of their school supplies on the first day. Most teachers expect everything in by the end of the first week, so pack a few items each day. 
    Arrival Procedure!  All the first grade teachers will be lined up and waiting in the multipurpose room (gym/cafeteria) with a big smile and a sign with their name and colored apple. First Graders who arrive on the school bus will be assisted by PTO volunteers and school staff members at the doors and escorted into the multipurpose room to their teacher by matching their colored apples. First Graders who are dropped off by parents will say goodbye in the front of the school and then will also be escorted into the multipurpose room by a PTO volunteer or school staff member. This tends to take a while on those first two days, so remind your child to be patient. Students will be asked to sit in a line with their classmates until all the students arrive and will then be escorted by their teacher to their classroom. In the event that a child arrives late on those first two days a PTO volunteer or staff member will escort them to their classroom. On Monday and for the rest of the year teachers will be waiting in the classrooms. Students will arrive and wait outside the school for the bell, and will be monitored by staff in the hallways as they find their way to their classrooms.