• The follwoing is a letter sent out by GoNoodle - ENJOY


    Dear GoNoodle Family,

    These are extraordinary times and we want you to know that GoNoodle is here for you as a resource while so many kids are out of school. If you are a teacher then you probably already know that GoNoodle isn't just a company, it’s a movement (quite literally) -- a social shift with intention -- to create more active media for kids.

    To the uninitiated, GoNoodle exists to create and harness Good Energy. We want to give kids ways to channel their incredible wells of energy by helping them to be more active, more mindful, more aware of themselves and their community, and to have fun while learning. Oh, and all of that applies to all of the adults in their lives too! It is our firm belief that children should be aware of what is going on in the world, especially as it relates to the novel coronavirus, but also not unduly burdened by it. 

    To that end, we have worked around the clock to bring the best of GoNoodle to kids everywhere during this time. We are in partnership with amazing organizations from Children’s Health of Dallas to Nickelodeon & Paramount to the US Tennis Association as well as many of the world’s other top media companies, children’s hospitals and healthcare organizations. Over the coming days and weeks, with their support, we’ll be highlighting a whole range of fun, developmental, and otherwise helpful things we can all do with our kids while they are out of school. We call this effort GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home.  You can also find Good Energy videos within the GoNoodle app and sign up for weekly email updates for new ideas, resources, and tools. We will be using our social media channels (Instagram and Facebook) to highlight the best of what you can do with your kids at home both on our platform and well-beyond. 

    GoNoodle is a kid-safe product built with teachers, parents, and partners in mind.  I want each of you to know that we see you:


    This is an even more stressful time for you, as you have endless adjustments to make in order to teach remotely. Many of you have reached out about providing your login info to parents/guardians who want to use GoNoodle at home. Luckily, there’s no need to do that. Simply direct parents to www.gonoodle.com/goodenergy where they will find super simple steps to download and use GoNoodle in seconds. You can also tell them to download the app on iOSAndroidAppleTVFire, or Roku. We are making some of the best features of your classroom app available at home. And we’d love your suggestions on social media about content you use that you’d like to see added to Good Energy --just hashtag it #goodenergy and send it our way! 

    Parents, Guardians & Caregivers

    GoNoodle is awesome fun for the whole family! We love it when everyone does our dances, sings our songs, and plays GoNoodle together. It’s a daily ritual in most elementary schools across the U.S. (and many around the world) and we think it’s a super fun thing you can do with your little ones every day too!  Plus, we have another app called “GoNoodle Games” that is an awesome way to get your kids moving in front of the screen. Sign up for our emails and in the days and weeks ahead, we will send you weekly fresh, fun ideas for you and your kids well-beyond GoNoodle. Sign up to get these on the Good Energy page.


    We are here by your side as we all work through this time. GoNoodle is a community first and foremost.  As we have so far, we will continue to lock arms with you to give kids, teachers, and families of all backgrounds free stress-relief, joy, positivity, healthy practices, and good energy! If you have any particular questions, ideas, or want to partner more deeply on helping the community during this time, please contact us directly or via email at: partner@gonoodle.com.

    In short, we know this is a challenging time for many so let's work together to activate the natural positivity of our kids by reminding them (and ourselves) that we all need some Good Energy right now.


    KC Estenson

    CEO, GoNoodle


    P.S. for those who want to spread the word in your network, here’s a blurb to pull from:


    GoNoodle created a free online resource GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home. It includes premium content and learning materials including movement and mindfulness videos as well as downloadable learning resources and ideas for off-screen activities - and if you sign up for email updates, they plan to send new ideas, activities, and tools to you weekly. There’s also a Good Energy channel on all GoNoodle home apps (iOSAndroidAppleTVFireRoku) where all the best GoNoodle videos can be used by kids directly. Whether it takes the form of a family dance party, a song and activity that reinforces something kids are learning at school, or a mindfulness or yoga video to help us all relieve stress and get a break from the intensity of it all - let’s all work to create Good Energy with our kids during this stressful time. 


    If you have any questions, please contact us at hello@gonoodle.com.

    ©GoNoodle, Inc. 209 10th Ave S #350, Nashville,TN 37203

Last Modified on July 28, 2021