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               About Ms. Gross
    Hello Students!  In the following weeks, I will learn much about you so I wanted to create a page so you could learn some things about me.
    I have a dog named Sunshine, whom we call Sunny. We adopted her in 2010.  She loves everyone.   
    I also have a cat named Tara, whom we call Tinky. We adopted her in 2010, a few months before Sunny.  She does not love everyone, but she does love me. 
    I love the Phillies.  Even when they are not winning I still cheer them on! My grandmother was a huge Phillies fan.  She used to listen to the games on the radio before television was invented.
    I enjoy going to the beach.  For many years my extended family has gone to LBI.  
    Reading is one of my favorite activities.  The librarians at our local library know me by my first name. This is a picture of me reading on the beach.  I love to read with Sunny in my backyard.  Well, I love to read, and she loves to chase squirrels or take a nap. 
    I adore iced coffee.  The seasonal Dunkin Donuts flavors are my favorite.
    I do not have any brothers or sisters, but I do have many cousins and second cousins I love spending time with. This is my cousin, Beth, and me (the picture on the left), and these are my cousins, Jacob and Julia, with me (the picture on the right).
    beth          Cousins
    This is my 24rd year teaching.  My first two years with the SWSD I taught second through sixth grades ACES Math and third through sixth grades G&T Math and Reading.  
    I look forward to meeting you soon! 
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