y Literature Circles

    This year our reading focus will take place in Literature Circles. Literature Circles are small discussion groups comprised of students who have chosen to read the same novel.

    This program will involve daily independent reading, as well as related work to complete in preparation for our in-class "Literature Circle" discussions. The Literature Circle sessions will be held several times a week for approximately 40-50 minutes. During these sessions the students will learn about reading strategies to help with their comprehension and discuss the book they are reading with their group. Student will recieve a Literature Circle packet that will explain what is expected from them before and during each meeting.

    Students have selected their first book, their different roles each week (Discussion Director, Summarizer, Connector, Illustrator, Word Wizard, Literary Luminary etc.) and met with a group of students who have selected the same book. It will be each studentʼs responsibility to do the assigned reading and prepare for Literature Circle meetings by completing the role sheets.

    Literature Circle work and active participation will be a part of the Reading grade. To prepare for every Literature Circle session, students are required to read to the page set by their group and complete their assigned role sheet. They must not read past the groupʼs set page because predicting what might happen next in the story is an important part of the groupʼs discussion and it can be ruined by anyone that reads further into the book. Students should go on reading their own personal book if they finish reading the set pages early. 


Last Modified on September 11, 2019