• What are we doing in Music?!
    Come take a look into our classes!
    1st Grade Orff "Ka Eru No Uta"
      First graders playing Orff instruments to the Japanese song, "Ka Eru No Uta".
     First graders using the parachute to study musical form. Here they are analyzing the form of the Star Wars theme!
    beat sabers  
     First graders performing on the steady beat using "beat sabers" made from pool noodles!
    music scarves  
    First graders using music scarves to distinguish "loud & soft" sounds in music. 
      First Graders demonstrating proper playing technique on Orff instruments!
      Second graders performing a rock passing game (we used egg shakers here!) from Ghana called, "Obwisana".
     tika tika
    Second graders are creating their own rhythm patterns! 
     Second graders are creating and performing rhythms that include TOO (half note).
    Second graders are composing and performing songs with the use of Boomwhacker instruments.
     Sixth graders are working on identifying notes on their chrome books!
Last Modified on September 7, 2018