• d5
    This year will be filled with new learning experiences for your child. As part of our reading block in 4th grade, students will engage in the Daily 5. The Daily 5 will help structure my instruction and will be a guiding force for students to ensure daily engagement in meaningful literacy tasks.  The 5 elements students will be working on daily are as follows:
    1) Read to Self
    2) Read to Someone (partner read)
    3) Listen to Reading
    4) Word Work
    5) Work on Writing
    While students are engaged in literacy tasks (listed above), I will meet with small groups and confer with students one-on-one. Our meetings together will be skill based and will focus on helping your child individually become a better reader. Your child's small groups will constantly change depending on what skills he/she needs extra remediation with. Additionally, your child will have reading goals that are individual to him/her, not the entire class. These goals will be determined from classroom observation, assessment, and conferences with your student. You can monitor your child's reading goals by viewing their reading binder. 
    CRAFT, along with the Model Curriculum standards, encompasses the reading skills and strategies that will be taught during our reading block. CRAFT is an acronym that stands for comprehension, response to text, accuracy, fluency, and text elements. New skills and strategies will be communicated to you through both my website (Weekly Highlights) and your child's reading binder. Please be sure to check periodically and review the skills with your child so he/she can become a stronger reader.
Last Modified on September 1, 2018