• I gave each student a login for Renassiance Learning, Splash Math and Freckle. 

    Renassiance Learning- We use the blue one in class. They have to put the specific website in for it to work on the paper. The students use this in class and work at their own independent level. Some of these lessons are challenaging for the students and require help from me. It is an optional site for them to us. After March 19th, it will give them all new skills to do. 


    Splash Math-This is a math site that I really like because as the students are completing a lesson, it will tell them how to do it if they get an answer incorrect. When the student logins, they should go under curriculm and choose a skill. This may be helpful if they are start getting stuck on some of the work over these two weeks. 


    Freckle-This is an additional math site that we use. They can work on their Adaptive Math Practice which helps them with their level.