•  Ms. O'Connell

     Ms. O'Connell
    Where were you born: Philadelphia, PA

    What was the name of your Elementary School: Whitman School in Washington Township

    Who was your favorite teacher and why: My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Scholler. She made learning so much fun and use to stay in touch with her students by being their pen pals over the summer. 

    What activities were you involved in growing up: Anything sports related! I swam, danced, played softball, and basketball. I played softball and basketball all the way through college. 

    Where do you like to vacation: Anywhere! I love exploring new places and seeing how big the world really is! I also love day trips to the shore in the summer.

    An interesting fact about you: I am getting married at the end of June and heading to Italy for my honeymoon!