• Second Grade Writing
    Our goal is for each student to be able to write a well organized paragraph which includes a topic sentence, at least three details, and a closing sentence. By the end of second grade students are also expected to correctly use capital letters, punctuation, as well as descriptive vocabulary. Most importantly, we want the students to think of themselves as authors.
    One of the programs used in second grade for writing is the American Reading Company.
    Another tool used in second grade is called the Four Square Method. This is a graphic organizer to help writers organize their writing.
    The basis of all writing is The Writing Process. This consists of five basic steps.

    ·         Prewriting; coming up with ideas, brainstorming

    ·         Drafting; getting thoughts and ideas down on paper quickly

    ·         Revising; reworking to improve organization and details

    ·         Editing; checking for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization

    ·         Publishing; showing your final copy


    How can parents help?

    Encourage your child to write often. A diary or journal is a great way to practice. Have them share their writing with others if they feel comfortable. Praise their writing. Have them write to relatives who live far away. Scholastic.com  parents has great ideas for writing.


Last Modified on August 20, 2019