• Technology

    Technology is an integral part of our lives today.  We are very fortunate at the Stratton School to have two labs for students to further enhance their learning through technology.  The students participate in Technology with Mrs. Sohn once every six days.  Teachers may also bring their students to the lab where they spend time learning the parts of the computer, how to turn the computer on and log-in, and perform tasks such as working in a Word Document or exploring educational games on the Internet. 

                In addition to individual computers for instruction, we have an Interactive White Board where an image or website is projected onto the whiteboard from the teacher’s computer.  The teacher can engage the whole class in a hands-on game or activity.  The teacher/students can use a special pen to draw, drag, and click on the white board image.  This tool allows the students to enhance their skills in all subject areas while having fun at the same time.  This interactive whiteboard is available in both the computer lab as well as in our classrooms.  Thank you PTO for helping us integrate this technology into our teaching every day! 

Last Modified on August 20, 2019