One great strategy is to "Stretch your words like bubble gum."

    I pretend to take a piece of gum out of my pocket, unwrap it and chew it to make it very stretchy. Then I tell my students that the piece of bubble gum is a word.  I "chew it up and stretch it out." I  pretend to stretch the bubblegum right out of my mouth, saying the sounds clearly and slowly 'bbbbbbaaaaaaattttttt' for the word 'bat.' I repeat this step a couple of times focusing on the sounds I can 'hear.' I then model how to write the sounds down in the order I hear them as I stretch the word out again and again until all the sounds are written.

    Ask your children to apply this strategy when they are doing their independent writing. All you have to say is 'stretch the word like bubblegum' and they'll show you what to do!
Last Modified on August 29, 2020