• Mrs. Dominik

    Where were you born: I was born in Philadelphia, PA.

    What was the name of your Elementary School: Benjamin Rush Elementary School

    Who was your favorite teacher and why:  My favorite teacher was my fourth grade teacher (Mrs. Clarke). She has done a lot of traveling, so when we learned about places around the world, she would show us slide shows from when she had been there. She would also serve food from the cultures we were studying. 

    What activities were you involved in growing up: I was involved in swimming (year round). When I got to high school, I ran cross country as well.

    Where do you like to vacation: My vacations end up being wherever my daughter’s softball tournaments bring us, but my favorite family.

    An interesting fact about you: I’ve traveled many places around the world including: Tahiti, British Columbia-Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, Bahamas and Ireland (where I slept in a castle).