Writing Fun

    1. PAINT WITH WATER: Dip a Q-tip in water and practice spelling your words on a chalkboard.
    2. SHAVING CREAM: Let children finger paint on a table top using shaving cream.
    3. SCRATCH AND SNIFF:  Write letters with glue on paper. Sprinkle with Jell-o. Makes a super scratch and sniff when tracing over the letters.
    4. ADDING MACHINE TAPE: Children get bored writing words the same way every time. Try using adding machine paper and make a word list.
    5. FISHING FOR WORDS: Write spelling words on index cars, fold them in half, fasten with a paper clip. Tie a magnet on the end of a stick. The students fish for the spelling words. Have them read and write each word they fish.
    6. FINGER PAINT BAGS: Freezer strength Ziploc bags and finger paint make great writing slates. Place a dab of finger paint (tempera will work, but not as well) in the zip lock bag, tape the bag closed for extra strength. The child will lie the bag flat on a table and use his or her finger to write the word on the bag. Then the word will disappear like magic.
    7. READ-A WORD:  Have a student use a tape recorder to practice reading their spelling words.
    8. DISAPPEARING ACT: Children write their words with chalk on black construction paper. You can spray the paper to watch the word disappear.
    9. FLANNEL BOARD: flannel boards and flannel letters are a great way to practice
    10. SCRABBLE SPELLING: Students can use the scrabble tiles to spell the words on the Scrabble rail. Practice math too. Add up the points for each word. Which spelling word is most valuable?
    11. WORD CUBES: Write letters on small wooden cubes. Children can rearrange the cubes to spell their weekly words.
    12. SPELLING MAGIC: Have children write their words with white crayon on white construction paper. Then paint over the words with water down tempera paint. The words will appear like magic.
    13. EGG SPELLERS: Write the spelling words on small pieces of paper. Place the paper inside a plastic Easter egg. Have an egg hunt. Have the child write each word he or she finds.
    14. KEYS: Write the spelling words on construction paper keys. Place the keys on a  shower curtain ring. As the child masters the word, it can be removed from the key ring.
    15. PUZZLE: Write the word on a colored note card. Cut the letters apart. Have the child build the spelling word.
    16. Q-TIP ERASER: Have the child write the words on a chalkboard. Then have the child trace over the word with a Q-tip until the word is erased. Say each letter as you trace it.
    17. SPELLING DICE: Write eh weekly spelling word on blank dice. The child rolls the dice. The child writes whatever word he gets 3 times each.
    18. MAGNETIC COOKIE SHEET: Use magnetic letters on a cookie sheet to build your spelling words.
    19. PAINT YOUR WORDS: paint your words 3 times each. Kids love it!
    20. SALT SPELLING: Pour some salt onto the table. Have the child write the weekly words in the salt.
    21. ALPHA-BIT SNACK: Have the child use cereal to spell the words. Then eat each word spelled correctly.
    22. RAINBOW WRITE: Have children write their spellings words with crayon, alternating the color for each letter, giving each word the rainbow effect.
    23. PUT IT IN PRINT: Have students go on a letter hunt. Cut out letters form the newspaper to build your weekly words.
    24. ROUND ABOUT FLASH CARD: Have students decorate a paper plate. Cut out a piece like a pie. Brad a round piece of paper to the back of the plate. Then write the weekly words in the "pie"window. The child turns the wheel to practice reading the weekly word.
    25. BEANS: Use Lima beans to spell the weekly words. You can glue the beans in place for  3-D flash card. 
    26. SPELLING SQUARES: Children practice their spelling words on graphing paper. One letter for each box. Which word is the longest? shortest?
    27. RAINBOW CHAINS: This is a great way to see how many words your child knows. Each Friday record the words you were successful with on a paper chain. Attach the chain and display it in your room. Add to it each week. Review the words occasionally.
    29. DESIGN A WORD: Bubble letter the weekly words. Have your child decorate the word. Use it as a flash card,
    30. PLAYDOUGH: Form the playdough into letters to spell your words.
    31. POST-IT: Write the weekly words on post-it notes. Put them all over the house. Every time your child comes across one he has to read and spell the word for you.
Last Modified on August 29, 2020