• Mrs. Bauer



    Where were you born:  Lebanon, Pennsylvania


    What was the name of your Elementary School: Fredericksburg Elementary School, in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania


    Who was your favorite teacher and why:  My favorite teacher was my high school art teacher at Northern Lebanon High School.  Her name is Mrs. Hubble, and she always encouraged me to be the best artist I could be. 


    What activities were you involved in growing up:  As a kid I loved to draw, read, and bake. I would spend many hours doing these activities, especially with my mom.  I also spent a lot of time playing outside and swimming, especially with my dad.


    Where do you like to vacation:  I love to go to the beach every summer, but I love the mountains even more; it's quiet and peaceful there.  But, the most fun is when my whole family is on vacation together.


    An interesting fact about you: My family has had many pets over the years from the typical dogs, cats, rabbits, and hamsters, to exotic tropical fish, Bearded Dragons, and even a Carpet Python.  We now have more rabbits, Bantam chickens, and a Chinese Golden Pheasant.  My two grandsons love to come feed the animals.