• Mrs. Roberto


    Where were you born: I was born in Woodbury, New Jersey. 


    What was the name of your Elementary School: I attended W.C.K. Walls School in Pitman.


    Who was your favorite teacher and why:  Mrs. Adams was, by far, my favorite teacher I've ever had. She loved each of her students and made sure we always knew that. She found pure enjoyment in seeing us succeed and always made us feel like we could accomplish anything.


    What activities were you involved in growing up:  I played soccer and softball for thirteen years growing up. I also was part of a bowling league.  


    Where do you like to vacation: I will vacation anywhere that I can explore and try new things. A couple years ago, I took a road trip down to Texas, stopping at every state along the way. We learned how to line dance in Tennessee, went diamond mining in Arkansas, and explored the caverns in Virginia. That was my favorite vacation I've taken so far.

    An interesting fact about you: I started dating my husband when I was a freshmen in high school.