• Mrs. Donahue


    Where were you born: I was born in Bridgeton, New Jersey. 


    What was the name of your Elementary School: The elementary school that I attended was Indian Avenue School in Bridgeton, NJ.


    Who was your favorite teacher and why:  My favorite teacher is Ms. Hodinka.  She made learning fun and was such a great teacher.  We still see each other and talk to this day!


    What activities were you involved in growing up:  I participated in soccer, cheer leading, church youth group, and the Latin American Club.  


    Where do you like to vacation: I love to vacation in Puerto Rico.  I generally stay for a month so that I can visit all of my family while enjoying the beautiful island.

    An interesting fact about you: I completed the 2016 Reebok Spartan Trifecta series! This involved a series of three separate races a Sprint, a Super, and a Beast.  I had to complete more than 24 miles through mountainous terrains with over 75 obstacles scattered throughout the courses.   A huge personal accomplishment for me.  I plan on competing again in 2017.