• Mrs. Garcia



    What college(s) did you attend and what degrees(s) did you earn?

    I attended Temple University where I earned a BA in Elementary Education. Additionally, I earned a Master's degree from Arcadia University in Language Arts. 


    What activities were you involved in when you were in college?

    While attending college, I worked two jobs. I was a clerk for the Criminal Sentencing Department of Philadelphia and a waitress in a popular Philadelphia restaurant.

    Who inspired you to become a teacher?


    My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Grosso, inspired me to be a teacher. She always challenged me while making learning fun. I knew I wanted to be a teacher just like her. 


    What hopes do you have for your students’ future?


    I hope my students will be happy in whatever path they choose in life. 

    Were there any other careers you thought about before choosing teaching?


    I often thought about pursuing a career in psychology, but always knew that my true calling was teaching. 

    What advice would you give your students about planning for college and careers?

    I would advise my students to pursue their dreams. I want to them to know that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance.