• Daily Communication & Homework Folder

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    Daily Communication

    Your child will be receiving a "grey" from the office on the first day of school. Please complete all the forms in your child's folder and return to school the next day. :)  I collect all class work that students complete and after reviewing their work I send home papers on Fridays. This gives you a chance to clean out their "grey folder" during the weekend. Your child will also be bringing home papers from the office which will be sent home on Fridays as well. If there is a need for a paper to come home the same day I will send it home in your child's grey folder.  Our daily math lesson pages come home daily because it will assist in homework that night. This is also the folder that you can send any communication forms for me as well as where you can put lunch money. In the beginning of the year I will assist students in emptying out their folder. As the year progresses I will have students empty their folders independently. It is VERY important that you send your child's daily temperature check with them to school EVERY day. :) 

    Homework Folder

    Your child will also have a homework folder that I will be providing them. In this folder I will send their reading log for the week and daily math homework. Please do not put communication forms or lunch money in this folder.  Thank you so much! :)


    Class Dojo

    At Open House you will receive your log-in information for your child’s Dojo account! :-) If you weren’t able to attend Open House no worries I will send home a letter on the 1st day of school! :-) I will be using Dojo to send pictures, videos, and messages to you throughout the school year.