There are many ways that you may contact me during the school year. I try my best to keep you updated on the happenings of the classroom and your child's progress.  Here are a few of the ways you can expect to communicate with me this year:


    TAKE HOME FOLDER:  Your child will receive a SWSD Folder on the first day of school.  This folder will go back and forth from school to home each day.  Please try to check your child's folder daily.  Notes from the office will be sent home here. If you have any communication forms for the office or notes for me, please send them in this folder.  I will check it first thing every morning. 


    EMAIL:  I will send a weekly Friday email to my parent email list.  Please make sure you provide an email address that you will check!  These emails detail the goings on in the school and in our classroom for the week, and preview what's ahead for the following week.  LOTS OF IMPORTANT INFORMATION is found in these emails!  Please read them!  Of course, you can always email me with questions/concerns.  My inbox does get crowded from time to time; or I open an email right before I have to run to lunch, realize it's going to take longer than two minutes to reply, and then forget about it because it's been marked as "read".  If you email me about something and I don't reply within a school day, please email me again!

    My Email Address:  rsantiago@swsdk6.com


    PHONE:  When you call for me during the school day the phone will default to voicemail.  The best way for us to communicate by phone is to set up a phone call.  Please send me an email if you would like to set up a chat.  This will usually have to happen before or after school hours, or may happen during the time the kids are at special.  If you want to request a phone call, please give me a heads up about the subject.  "Can we chat on the phone about Johnny's reading?"  or "I'd like for you to call me so we can discuss some problems Sophie is having with a classmate" is much more informative than "Please call me at your earliest convenience."  It can be hard to find common time during the day that we can chat on the phone, and we can make the most of that time if I'm prepared on the subject. 


    I try my best to make sure parents feel informed and valuable as part of their child's education.  Please know that I am here for you!  I look forward to a wonderful school year.

Last Modified on August 28, 2020