Apps for School and Home

  • Reading and Writing Apps for Google Chrome:


    *Snap and Read

    *Natural Readers

    *Bookshare-web based

    Organizational Apps for Google Chrome:

    *myHomework Student Planner

    *Picture Routines

    *AutiPlan-Visual Scheduling

    *Routine Factory

    *Time Tune-Optimize Your Time

    Reading and Writing Apps for Apple (App Store):

    *Clicker Docs

    *Clicker Sentences



    *Kidspiration Maps

    *Alligator Apps: Little Writer, Learn Patterns, Telling Time, Addition Games, Secret Sight Words, ABC Genius

    Organizational/Sensory Processing Apps for Apple (App Store):

    *First Then 

    *Social Story-Creator and Library

    *Sensory Treat

    *Running Social Story and Visual Tool About Where to Run

    *Staying Safe and Safer Strangers Social Story

    *Using My Words to Ask For What I Want Social Story

    *Wait Time Visual Timer Tool

    *Calm Counter Social Story and Anger Management Tool

    *Potty Training Social Story

    *Going Shopping Social Story About Good Store Behavior For Children

    *Turn Taker-Social Story and Sharing Tool





Last Modified on March 18, 2020