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    S/W School District Hiring Class 3 Police Officers

    MAY 31, 2018 12:06 AM

    SWEDESBORO — Swedesboro Borough Council met on May 22 and discussed the hiring of two new Class Three police officers for school security.

    Captain Sheldon Lewis explained that the Swedesboro-Woolwich school district got approval to hire officers solely for school patrolling during the 2018-2019 school year to improve security measures in the district.

    According to Lewis the two officers will patrol Clifford, Stratton, Harker and Hill Schools during regular school hours, rotating through them. Local law enforcement has stopped into the schools in the past for police presence. However, these new officers will give the schools solely assigned officers.

    Lewis further explained that Class Three officers are retired law enforcement who are armed and required to meet the same qualification standards as active-duty officers. They are considered special officers and are not eligible for health benefits or pension for their service to the schools.

    Dr. Kristin O’Neil, Superintendent of the school district, is very committed to the safety and security of the children and is looking forward to having officers patrolling. She believes that their experience will be an asset to the school’s intense focus on safety which includes a district wide safety committee, security cameras, building security, communication and planning with the police department and Gloucester County Office of Emergency Management.

    By Kayla Kuchta