• Ways Parents Can Help Their Child

    In Early Grades K–2

    • Talk with your child a lot.
    • Read different types of books. Read every day, and talk with your child about the story.
    • Help your child learn sound patterns of words. You can play rhyming games and point out letters as you read.
    • Have your child retell stories and talk about his day.
    • Talk with your child about what you do during the day. Give her directions to follow.
    • Talk about how things are the same and different.
    • Give your child chances to write.

    In Later Grades 3-5

    • Keep your child reading. Find books and magazines that interest your child.
    • Ask your child what he thinks about what he hears or reads. Connect what he reads to events in his life.
    • Help your child connect what she reads and hears at school, home, and other events.
    • Talk out loud as you help your child read about and solve problems.
    • Help your child recognize spelling patterns. For example, point out the beginnings and endings of words, like "pre-" or "–ed."
    • Get your child to write letters, keep a diary, and write stories.

    Source https://www.asha.org/public/speech/development/suggestions/