Supply List
  • What to bring each day

    • A regular size book bag without wheels that will hold a 9x12 folder AND lunch box with snack. Please label snack if your child is between daycares/classrooms.
    •  a snack (see list of recommended snacks)
    •  a water bottle or drink
  • Supplies for the year

    You may send these in any time during the month of September, but please try to send the extra clothes, diapers and wipes for the first day :) 

      •   8 glue sticks (Purple Disappearing) 
      •   2 packs of jumbo or Large 8-pack Crayola crayons 
      •   2 boxes of tissues
      •   2 Boxes Gallon Ziploc Bags
      •  1 package of 4 thick Expo Markers
      •   a one subject spiral notebook wide ruled
      • An extra set of clothes labeled with your child's name (shirts, pants, socks, underwear, shoes) in a Gallon Ziplock labeled with your child's name. Please use the attached Label
      •  Diapers/Pull-ups (if needed) labeled
      •  Wipes (if needed) labeled