• Mr. Ortega

     Mr. Ortega


    What college(s) did you attend and what degrees(s) did you earn?

    I attended Wilmington University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education (K-6).


    What activities were you involved in when you were in college?

    I played soccer and was a four-year starter for Philadelphia University.  I was also involved in the Kappa Delta Pi honor society for the education program at my school.


    Who inspired you to become a teacher?

    The relationships I built with the kids I was coaching inspired me to go back school to become a teacher.


    What hopes do you have for your students’ future?

    I hope they find a passion in life which they explore and pursue.


    Were there any other careers you thought about before choosing teaching?

    Originally I went to school for marketing and began my career as a soccer coach.  I started my own small business and began coaching for a few clubs in South Jersey.  Through that I realized that I really enjoyed working with kids and had a passion for teaching.